Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, I'm still trying to hammer out my story, but I think the final film will look something like this. I just used photoshop to steal colors from a photograph. I'd do this for the final film too- go shoot reference photography and use it to create my color swatches. To save time I'm going to use alot of video reference for the animation as well. Maybe its cheating... but I don't mind. I'll use whatever tools necessary to make the film look finished and better communicate the story (which is really where my career goals lie anyway). So I'll cheat to make it look good. Actually, thinking about it now, this style kind of supports the story. The story is taken from my life. So why not take the colors from life too? Hahaha, who knows. No one even reads this anyway.


rymit said...

i read this jeff...i, read, this.

Ellipsis Design said...

I have to say that I don't check in that often, but you went a hiatus for a while too, didn't you? I almost gave up on you. Anyway, it's not stealing if you grab swatches from photos, simply a means to an end. Anything you can do to achieve your end result should be embraced. This is a great technique for matching skin tone. -joe