Monday, October 15, 2007

So here it is- page for page, uploaded so you can view in in order, my 2006 accepted calarts portfolio. Enjoy!


Janine said...

These are great!!! I see that you have experimented with life drawing a lot!!! Last, year I just sent in life drawings without really experimenting T_T I should try this year! Thanks for sharing your old portfolio with us! This really helps!!! :-)

J. Taylor said...

Thanks a lot! Thank you so very much! Wow variety. Suddenly it's so obvious that most of us applying to CalArts really lack variety in our portfolios.

Hawkeye said...

Nice work Jeff! I love figurative drawings and yours are really dynamic! So much energy and movement. I'm impressed and glad I got to see your stuff! I'll keep checking back regularly.

We miss you in good ol' Chicago but I can see you are doing some good work. I hope CA is being good to you.

See you soon?


I have a blog for my murals, you can go to
Nothing on there was done for me specifically. It's mostly commissioned work but oh well. I plan to do some personal painting real soon.